Spring Vision
                                         AFRICA BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC RESEARCH CENTER  
"Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority "

Article 1 of the German Constitution






Situation Report
Africa is the richest continent in the world, in terms of its natural and mineral resources, also because of fertile land and other climatic advantages. Despite the natural wealth, Study report that more than one billion people do not have enough clean water. two million children under five are malnourished,  at least 30,000 may die . there is political instability in most of the countries in the continent, misuse or inadequate use of natural resource and manpower, currency fluctuation, tribalism, non functioning infrastructure, lack of security, abuse of power and high level of corruption in public and governmental offices. Discontented Citizen are leaving the countries, to find better solace in other continent, those who cannot leave are praying for Divine intervention.
Africa is the least technologically development continent in the World.  This difference in technology Imbalance is  year after year  getting wider. Even though Africa has the World's oldest record of human technological achievement.  The oldest stone tools were found in Africa. (Source info)
What is the reason for the situation in Africa
         The World is getting complicated. Advancement in civilization, science, technology is changing the way we live and do things. What is meaningful and important is changing  every five years. The amount of new technical Information double every two year. For students who begin a 4 year technical degree, this means that half of what they learn in their first year will be  maybe outdated in the third year. Small/medium size business  are become confuse, governments are not able to archive their planed aims and objective, Organization are losing there focus. In a dynamic changing world, they must be dynamic themselves

For so long, the African government has been trying to copy the  developed countries,  the type of government, legal systems and institutions, without wanting to know why these things exist  and why they are successful. Copying their system, without looking into why they did it. Is like putting square object in round hole. Success in implementation is low. Let always ask why and how they implemented it before trying it. Decision should be based on researched information. under a solid legal systems that give equal right, duty opportunity und privilege to all.

      So let build a new Africa that protects the poor from the rich, the community from the unlawful persons, the environment from the destructive residents and the economy from illegal, corrupt and unprofessional businesses. Orderly urban planning with functional infrastructure
Our Mission
      Our Job is to let people, Government, Organization  and  Businesses understand the world around them and learn how to interact with it. As time and situation changes, how do they adapt to the changing situation without losing focus of their aims. We want to provide the needed information and possible answers. that Africa needs to Rapidly adapt itself to new Techniques and technology, information for sustainable infrastructure that small and middle sized business can rely on.  how to implement Low Cost Intelligent Automation .prevention  waste  in material and improve our human resources management, implementation of high quality  standard in production of good and services